Is there any registration process?

Omnia Search as a separate application does not requires account registration to search for things but it's suggested to create account to save your search history and maintain your profile. As per Omnia for business, it is required to have an account to use and it is free to join Omnia.

Does Omnia shares personal information with 3rd parties?

Omnia never shares personal information of an individual including name, phone number and location.

How are accounts being verified?

Accounts with no claimed businesses are self verified by users but accounts with listed businesses are verified by on site and phone verification.

Is any of the application is paid?

No, both applications are free to download, sign up and use.

Current cities using Omnia?

Haridwar is the only city for now, as Omnia being in it's beta test phase. You can also submit a request for free, if you want Omnia in your city.

How to claim my business?

Businesses submitted by bots and Omnia users remain unclaimed until the actual owner claims the business by clicking "Claim Business" button, from Omnia Search. Then he/she have to go through a short verification process, afterwards claimed business/store ownership will be transferred to actual owner.

What kind of businesses are allowed?

Currently, Grocery (packed items) and Medical Drugs (packed items) businesses are allowed to add their products on Omnia. Also, other business owners can create account and add their businesses but not products, or they can submit a request regarding their business type.

What is virtual business?

Virtual business is an option for people who don't have any physical presence in the market but are able to sell products from any dynamic location. They can start their business in a virtual space and can start selling instantly with Omnia.

Does Omnia supports online transaction?

Omnia doesn't works as a third party hanging in between sellers and buyers, so no money is exchanged virtually.

Is Omnia E-commerce?

No, Omnia is a simple search engine to find locally available things.

More questions will be added here as submitted by users.
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